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Beauty School Students’ Cosmetology Course

Beauty School Students’ Cosmetology Course

In beauty school, there are many different courses that students can take up. Cosmetology is one of the most commonly taken up in these institutions. There are also many specialties under this course that each student may need to take or may opt to take depending on the area of concentration of the student.

Hair Styling and Cutting

This specialization is a very common one and many of the students in any beauty school are sure to gravitate towards this specialization. Students are trained and educated in styling and cutting the hair of their clients. The desired hairstyle that the client wants can be achieved with a few strategic cuts and styling. Many of the students also study and are trained to do coloring, straightening, perms and extensions. Although there are also courses and specializations for these, specifically coloring, it can be combined with hairstyling and cutting.

Professionals who do these tasks are often called in for weddings, proms, parties and other big events. There is a regulatory board for these professionals and they need to meet the requirements that will allow them to acquire a license as well as to continue to renew this license to practice their craft. As for those who wish to specialize in coloring, there is also a certification for this field and those of a higher competency or skill may actively practice is solely. Before one can be a professional stylist, one needs to be a shampoo technician. This position directly follows the stylist and can be considered an apprentice position.


This aspect of beauty school covers a wide area of the body and products. The coverage of this field is the skin and other related parts of the body, such as the hair on the head and body, eyelashes and eyebrows. Basically, the aim of the education and training of the students of this specialization is the health of the skin. Graduates may work at spas, dermatologists’ clinics, salons or have their own private business. Those who are qualified and have been trained will also be able to use the various equipment and machines that will be readily available for the improvement of the clients’ skin and other related body parts. There is also a state board exam for those who want to practice under this course although they cannot perform medical treatments and remedies without the supervision of a qualified and certified medical doctor. They can, however, perform cosmetic only treatments and remedies, which are legal in the country.

Make Up

The professionals who graduate from the course of cosmetology from a beauty school under the makeup artist designation are duly licensed to apply and use the various products available in the market today labeled as makeup. The face is the primary area where this is applied and there are various products that focus on specific parts of the face such as the eyes, lips and cheeks. These products are used to improve the appearance of the individual or alter the appearance to suit a theme.