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Cowl Trim Tag – What Is It and How Do I Use It?

Cowl Trim Tag – What Is It and How Do I Use It?

The cowl trim tag was applied on chevrolet cars all through the classic car or truck period to file descriptions and put in solutions. The cowl trim tag is a thin aluminum plate that was riveted to the firewall or “cowl” of GM common cars and trucks.

The cowl trim tag is frequently mistaken to be the holy grail of common automobile identification. Sorry to say, it will not likely reveal every detail about your common car or truck.

Okay. So who demands to know these things? Any person who knows which sequence of typical cars and trucks had been a sizzling item, like an SS, would want to validate an SS series typical car or truck if they have been restoring or getting one particular. If a basic automobile have been drastically modified in excess of the several years, you would need this information and facts. Taking into consideration the asking charges for some very hot common muscle mass autos are now higher than new cars and trucks, you want to be certain you get what you pay back for.

Imagine this…You have just lately bought a 1964 Impala that appears to be like it really is observed far better days. Another person in the car’s past considered it would search greater in white paint with a pink crushed velvet inside… with dingle balls. It just has to go back again to first, you would not be observed dead in that inside.

So let us glance at the cowl trim tag on this 64 Impala and see what it suggests. Continue to keep in intellect the structure for the cowl trim tag is various for other ranges of years. This format only applies to several years 1964 by 1967.

  3. Model 64-1847 AT013173 Physique
  4. TRIM 874 975 PAINT
  5. ACC E 2KS
  6. THIS Car or truck Finished WITH
  8. Physique BY FISHER

Line 2 in this cowl trim tag has the generation day code. This is critical when Common Manufacturing Solution codes (RPO’s) could have changed at some place all through the design yr and you have to have to be confident which option belongs on your motor vehicle.

Line 3 is the model yr-physique style, assembly plant and chassis quantity. The system type amount says it was a v8 product 2 doorway sport coupe. AT signifies the auto was assembled in Atlanta. The chassis quantity would only imply a thing if it have been one thing distinctive like the to start with 64 Impala made. The chassis quantity is also in the VIN.

Line 4 is for the trim code which tells us about the interior, and then the paint code. In this case we want to know that the interior was performed in purple fabric with a break up entrance bench seat. The paint was 2 tone, Desert Fawn on top and Sunfire Crimson on the decrease fifty percent. Hmm, that seems like a nice shade combination!

Line 5 is the accent code. This line is designed up of 1-5 groups of codes. This cowl trim tag only has the first 2 teams. If the cowl trim tag has no codes in the other groups, you should assume those choices have been in no way set up. The E in group a person tells us it has manufacturing unit tinted glass all around. The selection 2 delineates team 2, K is air conditioning, and S is guide rear antenna.

How would we use this cowl trim tag information? If we necessary to change some glass, we might appear for tinted home windows, or if the rear antenna was lacking we might know we experienced to change it.

This does not expose something fantastic about the automobile other than that it would be useful info if the automobile was lacking indicated elements. The possibility codes would be in group 4 of line 5 if the car or truck had been an SS. Considering that there are none, we know we have a 2 tone pink and beige 2 doorway v8 sport coupe with factory air. In this case, this info can help a great deal!

You would use the details identified on the cowl trim tag in addition to Suffix Code Guides, and alongside with Factory Portion and Casting Number Guides in buy to get the full picture. Alongside one another with the Factory Store Manual and Assembly Guide, tearing down your common car or truck and re-assembling it is nearly like paint by number.