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DIY Tiki Bar

DIY Tiki Bar

Building your own tiki bar can be a rewarding project. If you are a do-it-your-self type person then this project might excite you. A “day tiki bar” can be constructed in just a week, with the proper instructions and tools. I consider a set of plans as the best tool you can have, especially if this might be your first big project. Ok let’s get started with a list of things you will need to build your backyard paradise.

Tools you will need- Here is an alphabetical list of tools you will need. You will need a chalk line, circular saw, clamps, cordless drill, hammer, jigsaw, speed square, staple gun, table saw, tape measure, wood chisel, and miscellaneous items. These tools are essential for a DIY tiki bar project. Of course if you have power tools you will speed up the process.

Material for your project- Here is an abbreviated list of what I used to build my own 4 x 8 foot tiki bar. This will give you an idea of what it will take to build this project.

Pressure treated lumber for any surface touching the ground.
2″ x 3″ x 8′ spruce lumber for the frame of the tiki bar.
3 sheets of oak plywood in 4′ x 8′ x ¾”
Cedar logs (white cedar) to support your roof structure. They should be 4″ x 6′ round logs.
Approximately 10 pounds of 10 penny nails while be needed.
Hardware for mounting bar top; angle brackets, screws, and liquid nails.
Two gallons of marine varnish to seal your bar and prevent water damage.

Material for roof structure- This will give you an idea of what you will need to build the roof and palm thatching required.

Cedar poles needed to build roof will consist of; 3- 3 ½” x 9′ cedar poles, 10- 3 ½” x 8′ cedar poles, and 12- 2″ x 12″ cedar poles.

Thatching made from palm fronds, approximately 60′ x 4′ roll of thatching. You can buy the palm fronds but the only thing I found is that it takes longer to thatch the roof. I like easy myself, but it is totally up to the individual.

Miscellaneous nails and staples.

Places to purchase materials- Most of the materials can be purchased from your local home supply store and the items like the cedar poles can be purchased from a saw mill or ordered online. Most of the palm fronds and thatching are also available online.

You need a guide- Unless you are a super carpenter; you need to purchase a set of plans. It is so much easier to follow step by step instructions along with pictures to make sure you are building your DIY tiki bar correctly. Let’s face it with the price of lumber and materials; you do not want to make mistakes. You will definitely thank me if you purchase a complete guide showing you how to build your outdoor bar.
I built my DIY tiki bar because I enjoy the islands so much that I wanted to bring that atmosphere home with me. Great times and fun can be had around your own tiki bar.