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Do the Thing, and You’ll Get the Energy to Do the Thing

Do the Thing, and You’ll Get the Energy to Do the Thing

The above title is something Ralph Waldo Emerson once said in an essay. To me, it is a very accurate statement! I live and work in the world of marketing, and often I hear myself complaining about not being in the mood, or feeling like I don’t have the energy to continually market my business/opportunity. I’ll hear myself saying, “I just don’t feel like it today, I’ll get to it tomorrow.” Or “I don’t have the energy right now.” And you can guess what occurs when that happens it doesn’t get done for days and possibly weeks! Yikes! Then I hear myself recalling the same statement I heard Mr. Emerson say:

“Do the thing, and you’ll get the energy to do the thing.”

I can hem and haw and complain for as long as I like, but it still won’t get the thing done that I know I need to get done. Here are some tips for what to do so that you really begin to practice just “doing the thing” vs. waiting for the energy to do it.

  1. Meditation is key. When I start to get lazy with my marketing, or I don’t look at it for days because I fear all the work I may need to do to make it better, I always start out by meditating first. Meditation has huge benefits to us Marketers, because it allows us to slow down in order to hear ourselves think. When I do this, I am allowing my subconscious mind to come forward and then get some of my best marketing ideas!
  2. Leave your office and spend 30 minutes outside. This is something I highly recommend if you work in an office or cubicle or even your home office. Sometimes it can seem very lonely surrounded by four walls. When you are feeling like you just don’t have the energy, get outside, be around others, smile at them and see how much more alive you feel when you get back to the work at hand.
  3. Keep Your Conscious Mind Focused on the Small Steps: What I mean by this is that we all have a conscious and subconscious mind. Your conscious mind usually deals with your day to day routine and things you need to get done. Your subconscious mind is fertile ground for new growth and idea’s, it is the garden where you plant the seeds of inspiration and goal setting. When you focus on the small steps you are taking to achieve your marketing goals, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the task at hand. But remember, your subconscious mind will accept anything you put in it, so if you are full of anxiety and fear then that’s the feelings you will be planting.

Lastly, be conscious of your Dominant Thoughts: You become what you think about day and night. What do you think about?