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Drawing Tables Cater to the Artist Or Drafter’s Needs

Drawing Tables Cater to the Artist Or Drafter’s Needs

Drafting and drawing tables are very important when it comes to all different types of industries. Whether you are a developer, cartoonist, architects, or a writer they can be very beneficial in the long run. Everyone needs their own space and these tables are designed for comfort and productiveness.

What Is The Difference?

What is the difference between a regular table and a drawing table? Typically the drawing tables are slanted as opposed to straight across. When doing a lot of work on a typical table, it tends to wreak havoc on a person’s back. Not only that, but it can cause extreme pain and discomfort in other parts of your body. Having something that is ergonomically correct the only thing someone needs to worry about is getting the job or art done.


There are many types of these tables and they are made from many different types of materials, too. Typically, there is a tubular base at the bottom whether made from wood or steel it provides extra stability. The extra stability is great because often when someone is drawing they will lean on the table.

The first type is professional drawing tables. It is often used by engineers, artists, drafters, and architects. It is also used by many other professions. It has an adjustable top that will let you move the table on a slant making it easier to work with.

The next type is the artist drawing table. This allows a ninety degree tilt and even has cup holders and storage under the table for holding all kinds of supplies. With the cup holders, the brushes and other art supplies can be kept in there perfectly, or you could even put water in it to clean the paint brushes! This is super convenient. Saving time and space is always great for an artist and anyone that wants to draw or paint with ease.

Then there is the craft model for those folks that build models, sew, draw, and scrap booking. With such versatility, even folks with the multiple hobbies can get down to the projects immediately with no problems. There are three other types of tables including the wheelchair model that is devoted to those who need a table on their wheelchair, a computer model that has room for a computer and drawing space, and a folding model for folks that need drawing tables on the go.


Before spending a load of cash, be sure that this is something that you will really use. Invest small at first just in case. Drawing tables are necessary in some businesses and that is where the money should be spent, for at home use you should consider a cheaper model.