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Embarrassed of Your Yellow Toe Nails? Here Are Powerful Cures That Work Wonders

Embarrassed of Your Yellow Toe Nails? Here Are Powerful Cures That Work Wonders

Getting Rid of Yellow Toe Nail Fungus

Yellow toenails… only those who have suffered them know how hideous they can really be. Quite apart from the ugliness and the social embarrassment, which are considerable, yellow toenails also indicate that there’s more trouble in the offing, chiefly in the form of a fungal infection. But don’t worry, there are plenty of cures!

So don’t freak out just yet…

But don’t jump to conclusions immediately. You see, there are stages of discoloration in your nails. For instance, a completely harmless kind of bacteria often produces a change of color in your nails, though in that case, your nails ought to turn green. Besides, there is also a fairly rare condition usually known as ‘yellow nail syndrome’, which you might have developed. 

In general, though, yellow or brownish toenails indicate the presence of a fungus, and not a benign one like penicillium, which produces penicillin as well as a green pigment. No, the fungi growing in your toenails will not merely turn it yellow, but also make it brittle and crumbly, which will cause further embarrassment, no doubt. 

How to determine if you actually have a nail fungal infection.

However, you will still need to determine whether it is a fungal infection that is causing your toenails to turn yellow. So the moment you spot the early signs, visit a doctor. Toenail fungus affects a fair number of people, so it should be easy to detect and deal with. However, only your doctor can tell you if what you have really is a toenail fungus, or some other condition that requires different treatment.

Of course, when I say yellow toenails I don’t mean a banana yellow color that seems painted on your nails, but more of a yellow section of the nail that looks like a streak. And yet, this could be a sign of an infection which, if left unattended, will spread to cover not only the entire nail but also, in more severe cases, the nail root. 

How the infection can spread.

Typically, not all your toenails will be simultaneously affected by the fungus. In fact, it may be that only a single nail is affected, while the others are as healthy as they were. However, you need to nip the problem in the bud by attacking the first sign of a toenail fungus infection and finds a treatment for your yellow toenails. And it would be ideal if you could start the treatment before the infection reaches the lunula (which is what the crescent-shaped part of the nail near the cuticle is called). 

There are various types of treatments for yellow toenails. But instead of deciding on one yourself, ask your doctor to suggest the best course. Remember, not all treatments are equally effective for everybody. For instance, you may have been prescribed an oral drug that may not agree with you, or may not work for you, at all. Besides, it may have dicey side effects.  

Some natural home remedies and cures for yellow nail fungus.

Therefore, some people prefer home remedies for toenail fungus and yellow toenails. Among these remedies are a special kind of nail lacquer that you need to paint on, vinegar, tea tree oil, and even Listerine, though none of these have the backing of scientific research. 

Why not simply try Zetaclear instead? I have, and it has been a wonderful experience, because Zetaclear is among those rare remedies for toenail fungus that are natural yet effective. It combines homeopathic ingredients and essential oils, and is highly regarded among all sections of users. So if you are really serious about getting rid of yellow toenails and persistent toenail fungus, why not try Zetaclear today?