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Fiberglass Filler – What is it and Why Use it on Car Human body Repairs?

Fiberglass Filler – What is it and Why Use it on Car Human body Repairs?

What Is Fiberglass?

Uncooked fiberglass appear in a delicate material like product. When saturated with liquid resin and tougher, it becomes challenging and pretty strong. There are not too a lot of fiberglass car pieces on modern day working day cars and trucks, as they have all began applying other composites like SMC and Carbon Fiber. Even so, fiberglass was on early design corvettes, truck hoods, and many other elements. There are continue to aftermarket parts that are manufactured from fiberglass and it however utilised for boats and jet skis.

The Variation Between Fiberglass and Fiberglass Filler

Fiberglass filler arrives in a can and is mixed with a product hardener. It mixes a good deal like normal entire body filler, but it is thicker and a little tougher to blend. The filler basically has fiberglass mixed in it. It arrives small hair and long hair. This is the length of the fiberglass that is mixed in the filler. Both supply great water-proof qualities as they do not absorb water. The two fiberglass fillers are more powerful than normal overall body filler. The extended hair filler gives the most strength out of the two. On the other hand, these fillers are incredibly tricky to sand. The filler is also thick, which can make it tough to degree and clean like common physique filler.

Why Use Fiberglass Filler If It’s So Tricky To Sand

The rationale we use fiberglass filler in vehicle physique repair is not seriously the extra toughness, but for the water-resistant qualities. It is advised to use a slim layer of fiberglass filler about any welding that is performed. Body filler absorbs moister, which will leads to corrosion and rust. By utilizing the fiberglass, we eradicate the moister absorption challenge. Considering that our key function is to seal the welded space, the shorter hair fiberglass is sufficient for the software.

What Can Fiberglass Filler Be Utilized On

This filler can be made use of above bare metal or fiberglass.

Finishing The Mend

As I talked about, fiberglass does not sand perfectly. That is why I endorse only making use of a modest volume to the welded areas and tough sanding it. Immediately after this is completed, you can use system filler on the major of the fiberglass filler and complete the maintenance as you typically would making use of human body filler.


You should always wear good protective machines when sanding any filler. However, excessive caution must be taken when sanding fiberglass products. It not only itches and irritate your skin, but it is extremely unhealthy to breathed the fiberglass. Be specified to wear an authorized dust respiration, gloves, eye security, and you may even want to put on a disposable paint go well with. If some of the fiberglass does get on your skin, just take a cold shower. This will help preserve your pores small and let the fiberglass to wash off.