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Hexcraft, An Introductory Essay Upon the Art of the Evil Eye

Hexcraft, An Introductory Essay Upon the Art of the Evil Eye

What is a Hex?

What is a Hex, a curse, the evil eye or just a jinx. Every race, civilisation and culture has at one time or another has referred to the art of the would be gypsy or witch, and their potent arsenal of evil spells and deadly rites. But what is it?

A hex is a negative form of spell or ritual with a sole intention of causing ill or creating chaos for an idividual or group. The effects of this magickal (We refer to “Magick” this way rather than the way that stage magicians and illusionists refer to their optical trickery as “magic”, this defines the two) practise are meant to dispell negative disruptive energy from the practitioner, and transfer his or her wishes to the victim, therefore hopefully allowing them to manefest in a similar way to how the ritualist first visualises.

The practise is usually done by “Sympathy”. This is commonly known as “Sympathetic magick”, a widely used form using a concept of “Correspondences” or symbolic links that tie each and every thing. By using these correspondences and tying them to the intended target, it allows an occultist to work with the victim in an intimate way, without fear of being found out by the intented, and ruining the act. A good example is a “Vou-dou Doll” or “Mojo”, in which a victim is “Tied” to an image doll and identified withmaybe, a bit of the victims clothing, a photograph, and a piece of the victims hair or nails. In this way, the victim becomes the doll and the doll becomes the victim, and they are one in the same.
The connection/correspondences that form from this symbolism is what allows the caster to transfer the negative thoughts and energy from the doll onto the victim, if you accept this theory.

There are many different ways to employ a hex, each one different, but most contain certain similar elements in their operation. From Sigil to the throwing of componants at a victims person or property, the list quite literally could go on forever.

Why Hex?

The phrase, “Better out than in” is a perfect metaphor to describe the reasoning behind the cursing of a subject. Negative energy is a destructive force, that if left to fester and churn within a person, can cause no end of pain and disruption internally. The hex is a better cause of action for a individual that may be suffering this held energy, maybe from an encounter with a problem person/s who may be the cause of stressful situations, or a long held grudge that may be causing a spiritual or emotional blockage to the sufferer.

The casting of the hex serves a useful process to expel all the bad feelings and negativity from the mind of the sufferer, and leaves the practitioner with a sense of peace. With the supposed energy transferred from the sufferer (The caster who has the original intent) to the victim, psycologically has the effect of lifting the veil of bad feeling from them, and allows them to go about their daily routine without this negative influence causing problems in their everyday life. Whether you believe in Magick or not, this placebo type expelling of ones anger/hatred/etc is a sure way to give ones self a new boost of positivity and confidence.

The Moral argument, Black vs White.

Magick falls into two main types before being classified under any other sub definitions.

Black and White.

White magick is defined as acts that only generate positive and unselfless results, whilst Black, is all that is selfish and performed for the good of oneself.

There is no grey, as some would argue that if they perform acts of both, that would classify them as a grey practitioner. Even a spell or ritual that would make the occultist (I will use that term to describe any of the myriad of systems and pseudo religions that acknowledge magick use in their practices) benefit from a windfall of money or good luck, would really be classed as an act of Black magick, as this really only benefits the caster, not anyone else. But if the intent was to grant another this bountiful harvest of good fortune and wealth, whilst not benefiting the occultist in any way, then that would be classed as an act of white magick. Occult scholars (Mainly of the Wiccan community) would argue this and say that the definition is acts of Black are evil, and Good being white. This is nonsense, as many who practise the occult arts have strict moral codes that they must adhere to, and in such paganism and cults it would ultimately restrict their activities to purely selfless acts, and they would no longer be able to practise acts of selfish magick (As in the above examples) therefore they would loose their “perks of the trade”. Just imagine, training and learning for many years to master the flow of the universe, only to realise, they may not use magick to benfit themselves!
Other sub sects of occultists, such as Satanists (Laveyan and Typhonian and so on) and Chaoists (Nothing is real, everything is permitted), while treated with suspicion by the rest of the Occult community, have no such boundries with either acts, or that of the hex.

It is really up to the individual choice of a person, with to hex or not, some people will not hex because they fear the “Three fold law of return”, or they feel that their actions will eventually end up coming back on themselves. If you fear such concepts or anything like that, my advice is your belief will shape your destiny and you will eventually become unstuck. Keep an open mind to the fact of justification of your actions, this being said, if your action is a justifiable act (The victim of your hex, may be threatening yourself or friends or family, or just a terrible individual that keeps getting away with despicable acts and everyone is at a loss as to stop them from causing problems etc.) then it could be said that you are going to do a great service to the greater population! (Could that be then classed as an unselfish white magick act?!) Sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good, that require the elimination of such individuals for the benefit of the rest of society!

It is up to you to weigh up all the factors.

The Power of the Hex

So I suppose you want to know what kind of things to expect if one performs a curse on a victim? There also will be many of you with great misconceptions regarding this often misunderstood forms of rite or spell.
All magick works in the basic formation as I will tell you, what ever it is you try to make real, from the hex of an enemy to the creation of that dream job, or anything, it can be boiled down to this simple equation.


INTENT is your main focal point of what you want, in this case to cause ill on a foe. This intent must be sufficient enough to allow the hex to work, if you have objections in your mind about what will happen to your victim, then I suggest that you really shouldn’t walk down the path, as it will either come to nothing and you will have wasted your time and effort, or it will become what you fear, with the maximum realised fear you imagined upon the victim (Sometimes death of the subject can occur, so be aware) and all round bad karma for you. Your mind must be prepared for the eventuality that your efforts may work all too well, so any fears you have must be forgotten and blanked out when embarking in this kind of operation.
Also you MUST have true intent to make the things you visualise and wish to come about.

Insufficient mental effort will result in nothing at all.

WILL is the mental effort you must expend to create the desired effect, without this the whole process will not reach the intended. You must believe will all your willpower and mental force that you will succeed. If the efforts are not enough again it will end up as I said above, either nothing or too much. Magick is a subtle force that while permeating and enveloping all things in all planes of existence, is unseen and seldom understood by mankind, therefore seldom do we as magickians see the forces at work, instead the energy when expelled to perform the task takes on a silent purpose, infecting object to object, location to location and eventually when finding the destination intended will start to manefest through coincidental or sometimes unexpected occurrences, that beginners sometimes find unsettling!

MANEFEST is the end result of your intent combined with your mental efforts, as I said above the desires of the caster will become real through a series of unforseen everyday occurrences or bizzarre events that just don’t happen that often. Its the kind of thing when people say; “Wow, thats really strange how they just slipped off the kerb and broke their leg, it was as if someone had pushed them!” or “They just stepped on the ladder to change a light bulb and it gave way!”. Most manefestations will occur in a every day manner and not generally cause suspicion of anyone around them, unless of course they are witnessed by another who is versed in the arts. After years of study and practise, it is a usual ability for any occultist to know why these things happen, mainly due to the energy sense that an accomplished witch, psychic or occultist (Sometimes untrained sensitives can “Feel” or perceive the unnatural energy that comes with the manefest)
There are many ways of accomplishing the hex, some simple candle magic spells, some complex, time consuming and draining. It does depend upon what the one performing the hex wants to manefest. The more you put in, the more you get out. Some acts of hexing are simple but deadly, some are complex, but produce extremely precise end results. A good example is sigils, when used in the circumstances of effecting a foe, they are excellent for their flexability to produce very specific end results that may not do too much harm, but can be used in combination with other smaller rites to boost the overall focus.

No two hexes are alike, as all situations are completley different, and so with that the hex is always tailor made to fit the victim. if you begin this form of art, you will start to develop your own style and magickal signature, that you will eventually start to recognise.
Magick has a sort of independent sentience that sometimes has a twisted sense of humour, this is probably derived from it being produced from the mind of a free thinking human being. Magick is a living energy that is within everything, some may call it God, some the spirits, but in my opinion it is all of us who live and think. That is what God is, all of us collectively. Its what makes us live and be what we are, unique.

If your victim is aware that you are wanting to seek vengeance upon them, and are involved in the Occult arts, it can be possible to bluff them into hexing themselves.

I have always loved the power that a victims fear of your power gives you over them, if they start to believe that you have cursed them, your job is done without any effort at all.

People who claim to have no belief and insist that the occult is a load of mumbo jumbo, are probably the best to do this to. If they are sufficiently “Spooked” by your possible casting of the evil eye, they will fester on the dark possibility that you have taken the time to curse them, and then start to put any bad luck down to your actions, the more they focus on this possibility, the more paranoid and accident prone they become. They become a victim of their own fears, as I said before, it is exactly the same as any fears or objections you may suffer before casting a hex, your mindcan become your enemy. Willpower is the best protection, if you truly believe you cannot be harmed or fail, then that will protect you!

I will warn you that opening your mouth and saying too much about your activities can also lead you to destruction and harm. A good example is mouthing off at your victim, claiming you will curse them, only to find that you have become the victim of ridicule, this leads to all kinds of potential harm for you. Be warned, the method I prescibed is only useful if you really know what your doing, not for beginners, as it usually leads to people thinking your a nut case and will diminish your confidence and any chance you may have at becoming a competent magickian. I have seen this happen to many would be occultists that I know and have mentored. Best bet for the starter, is to perform the hex rite or spell, and keep your mouth shut. Say nothing to anyone or suffer the possibility of a back fire.

When you have finished your rite, the experience should leave you feeling exhausted and drained, as if all the energy has left you and gone to visit your foe. Generally without this feeling of loss, seldom will the focus be sent to your prey. Make sure you feel this expelling of your intent. A sense of well being will follow if you have successfully sent it on its way. Laugh, rejoyce and relax, then forget all about it. Failure to forget will keep part of the ritual inside you and until you expel all of the memory it will remain.

The sooner you do this, the sooner your desires will become reality.
Also, don’t dwell on asking yourself when will it happen, just know that as soon as the negativity you dispelled is out of you, then part of the battle is done. It will happen when the time is right. There have been times I have wanted rid of a foe, and frothed for an age about how much I wanted them to come to harm, still they were seen around unscathed, but the moment I put it out of my head, I heard about all the bad things that had happened to them!

It can be hard to put it out of your head, but trust me, you will see no results until you do!

What next?

The intention of this essay is not to show you how to perform the act, or even reveal a system for any of you to try.

The word “Occult” means “hidden”, so what I’m trying to say is, if having read this brief introduction you come out of it either with a little more education about the subject and wish not to try cursing the man down the street for laying the music too loud, or if it has left you with a taste and hunger to know more, then “Find” the rest. I will not advocate nor disuade any of you regarding the operation. I could if I wanted to, but to be honest there are too many different ways to perform such an operation, each as different as there are people. If you choose to search further, then you must find your own way that suits your individual thinking and perceptions. It would be pointless me trying to teach one or two particular rites, as you may find the ones I choose unsuitable for your way way of thinking.

I suggest that if you need to know more, the internet is a valuable source of information for an occultist in the 21st century. Try clicking Google and searching for Hexes or curses.

It has taken me many years of study and hardship to find my own truth. I urge you to find yours.