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How to Attract Beautiful Intelligent Women and Keep Them!

How to Attract Beautiful Intelligent Women and Keep Them!

How to attract beautiful intelligent women and keep them!

Each and every day I meet successful stylish men who open up to me and reveal they are confused. Men today are unsure of how to talk to women let alone approach or capture the attention of attractive intelligent women.

I like to call this the gender confusion, today women are becoming more and more masculine, powerful at work and increasingly aloof not knowing when to be feminine and soft leaving men with no idea how to act amongst these new super independent mystery women. Sound familiar? You are not along even the most outwardly confident men are searching for the answers.

Should they be arrogant? Should they be aloof? Do women want a bad boy? Do Mr Nice guy ‘s always end up as friend?

The confusion often results in nothing evolving except a string of games followed by sheer exhaustion and ultimately escaping what could have been the bliss of two becoming one!

A little clich√© I know but it’s the cupid coming out in me…as I always say I love to be in love!

The good news is with a little direction you can make an impact and capture the woman you have always wanted.

OK let’s start with the basics… You don’t need to be tall, good looking rich, a face like George Clooney and body like Mathew McConaughy?

Women love adventurous, unpredictable men! They like men that are fun to be around with and have a great sense of humour and simply make them feel wonderful! Read on to find out more how to stand out to the crowd and attract attention of that beautiful woman you desire.

1. Be Intriguing – have a story to tell, interests, have an adventurous spirit, get amongst it, get out there on the water, into the gym, kayak, play sport, live life with passion whether it’s building things, music or making a difference.

2. Be Mysterious – reveal each layer of yourself slowly. Let her discover you and your hidden talents!

3. Family values – Women love a man with good family values, believe it or not she is observing how you interact and treat your mother and sister.

4. Be Emotionally in control – When on your date, don’t sweat the small stuff! It is true, getting stressed out due to the traffic or the long wait at the restaurant or not getting the best table will make you look like hard work and a out of control. Women love a calm man that takes control. Instead keep the situation light and calm a girl loves to hear everything will be ok, it really is her dream!

5. The Ex – OK so we all have a past, my motto is it is the past for a reason and before you divulge ask yourself will benefit your new relationship? Most likely not! Focus your energy on the new and look at what you would like to achieve, never blame or be a victim it is a huge turn-off !

6. Persistence – Women love a persistent man, give up to early and you could risk losing out on capturing her attention. Sought after attractive woman will often have many men asking her out daily, stand out with persistence and she will place her attention to you. I know so many women that don’t make the time to meet a man until she knows he is ultimately worth it and persistence will certainly pay off in the long-term.

7. Be Spontaneous – think outside the square. Be fun, daring take a chance and be unpredictable.

8. Listen an engage -find out her passions, is it a healthy lifestyle, the beach, the mountains, vineyards, a passion for the arts, music, travel, remember her favourite foods, favourite activities. Take some time as you date and surprise her with one of her passions she will love you for it!

9. Smell good and be stylish- Women love a man that smells good! Keep fresh, splash on a sexy cologne, have clean nails, teeth, breath!! Keep your wardrobe updated, no need to be a fashion guru just ensure you have a nicely fitted suit, good jeans, nice shirts. It is amazing what a few good threads can do for you. If in doubt make friends with your local shop assistance for some style tips or better still hire a stylist!

10. Be generous – No matter how successful women are, ALL women love to be looked after!

Remember relax be yourself and take control and you too will attract beautiful women!