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How to Make a Guy Want You After Rejection? Follow This If You Want Him to Show Interest in You

How to Make a Guy Want You After Rejection? Follow This If You Want Him to Show Interest in You

Even though you went through a trying time after the rejection and you want to hide away and lick your wounds, it is important that you bounce back with a vengeance! Here are some fantastic ways to make the guy want you back!

Look stunning and beautiful
This is a great chance to do something about your looks. If you looked good before then strive to look even more beautiful and sensational. If you have allowed yourself to lose your figure then get into a gym and work to get a super body. This will make him stunned to see you looking so attractive and sexually appealing.

Show him that you are happy
The best way to rub in the fact that you don’t care about him anymore is to make a whole lot of new friends and paint the town red! Go out with other guys and make sure that he knows that you are having a wonderful time. This will make him feel stupid for having rejected you.

Date his friends
The best way to get back at him is to date his friends. When he realizes that his friends like you and find you so attractive he is going to regret not dating you himself. It will work better if you manage to date his best friend. However, whatever you do make sure that you do not hurt anybody in the process. Be yourself and give yourself a chance at true happiness.

Ignore his chagrin and attempts to mollify you
If he is regretting the fact that he rejected you and looks ashamed of the fact, he will most probably try to make amends. He is probably banking on the fact that you liked him a lot at one time. Well this is your chance to reject him! Ignore all his attempts to mollify you and get you to like him again.

Be friends and that’s all!
The thing that will irritate him the most is the fact that you are willing to be “just friends” with him. It will show him that you do not have any feelings for him any more. Be friendly and sweet but do not encourage or show him that you care for him at all. This will make him want you back.

Make him regret his decision
The more attractive you seem and the more unattainable you are – the more he will live to regret his decision. The fact that you were so close to him at one point in the past and the fact that now you are unreachable and unavailable – will drive him crazy. He will try his best to rectify the situation.

Prove that you have moved on!
Once you have had the satisfaction of knowing that you have made him regret rejecting you, you can go ahead and prove that you have moved on! There are plenty of other guys around you who would love to go steady with you. Make your choice and he will have to accept your decision once and for all!