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Importance of Strategic Prayer

Importance of Strategic Prayer

Answered prayer is one particular of the best joys of any believer in Jesus Christ. It can lift us up and make us soar like nothing at all else can. When we receive an answer to prayer all doubt and unbelief flees out of our hearts and we know that we know, that we know that there is a residing God who loves and cares about us. For the new believer prayer can be a incredibly scary working experience, often seeded in our minds by all the ‘religious’ unexciting, sonorious clerics we have observed praying on television who’ve produced God appear so untouchable and turned prayer into a ritual somewhat than an outworking of a vibrant, heart intense partnership with our Creator.

There are no excellent keys to praying – it is simply just chatting to God as you would to your closest, dearest friend in addition some. There is practically nothing that can independent us from His like, and there is very little that we can share with Him that will shock Him senseless immediately after all He made us and understands accurately what is in our hearts and minds currently. While prayer is that very simple, it does not suggest that it cannot be enhanced and produced a lot more lively and powerful as we arrive to know God additional intimately and to improve in our comprehending of all that He has put in His Phrase.

One particular of the most powerful things I acquired about prayer was to pray strategically with the scriptures, to be very specific and particular in praying specially preferred scriptures about precise instances. The Bible claims that God’s Term is fast and energetic and sharper than a two edged sword, that it is like a hammer that breaks rocks, that it is a lamp unto our ft and a mild unto our path, and a resource of wisdom, among the quite a few other factors. When we talk God’s Term over a predicament it consists of the very same power as however God had spoken it Himself, and since we are now His youngsters, we have His DNA and His authority to discuss out His Phrase and be expecting to see predicaments and instances adjust.

Just lately when heading through a tough time with our business and thinking if it was going to survive in the purely natural, but recognizing in my spirit that God has called us to that arena to make a difference, I asked Him for certain scriptures I could declare in excess of our business that would brings us by means of and retains us in His will. When we talk His Word out it adjustments the ambiance all over us and provides our circumstances and life into alignment with the will of God. We commence to resonate with the audio of heaven and divine purchase commences to appear around our life. God very graciously led me to Deuteronomy 33:11-16, where Moses prays a blessing above the Israelites just ahead of they cross into the Promised Land. In that blessing God promises them good fruitfulness and prosperity in the get the job done of their fingers and the fruit of their land. Praying all those scriptures has bolstered our religion, changed the atmosphere in our office and released new company chances to us. It does not make a difference what you see in the purely natural, or what the enemy may possibly try out to provide in opposition to you, when you might be praying the will of God and His Word in excess of your lifetime, improve will take place. We did the exact when one particular of our teenagers was heading by means of a difficult time. God gave us a precise scripture to declare above her everyday living and we saw the enemy get rid of his foothold.

Psalm 91:1 states that “He who dwells in the magic formula location of the Most Large shall keep on being secure and fastened underneath the shadow of the Almighty” (Amplified). There is a ailment to this Psalm in purchase to remain secured less than the shadow of the Almighty we must dwell in His mystery place. What is that solution spot? it is an ongoing, intimate, trustworthy, obedient romantic relationship with God, and so powerful answered prayer has some ailments attached to it as does His security. If we are a new believer, then God’s grace is there for us at the stage of understanding and understanding that we have.

For the mature believer we know that our lives need to line up with God’s Phrase if we are to listen to His voice and get His blessings, and in some cases if He is to listen to us. There is no one particular vital or absolute situation that must be achieved for efficient strategic prayer to be answered God’s Term is alive and lively and will constantly accomplish what it is sent to do and God looks very first on our hearts and our inspiration when we pray.

“So how do I get the suitable scripture to pray”? you may inquire. Let’s listing a number of details under:

1. We have the recognized Phrase of God i.e. the Bible is pretty open up and very clear about God’s viewpoint on particular cases e.g. on therapeutic Isaiah 53:5 claims “… and with His stripes we are healed”.

2. There are scriptures that might apply frequently to a problem e.g. when we are going via a hard scenario or 1 we do not really feel we can cope with then we may pray 2 Corinthians 12:9 “… My grace (My favour and loving-kindness and mercy) is ample for you (sufficient against any threat and enables you to bear the problems manfully) for My toughness and energy are designed best… in your weakness”. They are scriptures that stimulate us in the Lord and in our faith. 1 valuable thing you can do is begin to obtain in a journal scriptures that refer to a subject e.g. dollars or forgiveness, then compose them out as a prayer personalised to your scenario. This is a excellent way to get the Word of God implanted in your mind and spirit, and to also deliver about the renewing of the head (or adjust in your perception methods) that Romans 12 speaks about.

3. There are times when the Holy Spirit provides to our remembrance a scripture, we appear it up and locate that it relates precisely to our condition. It seems to touch our spirit and ‘speak’ to us or our circumstance. That is identified as a rhema term, or the ‘spoken’ Term of God, and it carries with it a specific anointing to improve a circumstance or circumstance when it is spoken out. This is the type of word we obtained for our enterprise from Deuteronomy 33.

Any prayer is about romantic relationship with God. Spending time with His Word and conversing to Him will increase your intimacy and your capacity to listen to His voice. Find out to go to Him initially to listen to what He has to say about your conditions, and begin to pray and declare that Word each day, over and above right up until you get started to see the fruit of it’s electric power transforming all those instances for the improved.