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Lemongrass for Nail Fungus: How to Get Cured the Natural Way

Lemongrass for Nail Fungus: How to Get Cured the Natural Way

What causes Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus is common enough that most people have experienced it or know someone who has. It can be caused by a variety of reasons. Getting rid of it is more difficult.

You pretty much know you have nail fungus if your toenails, or fingernails have thickened, humped up, crumbled or have darkened or yellowed. It is ugly and it is sometimes painful, depending on how far the disease has progressed.

Some of the causes are…

1. Living in a tropical climate.
2. Being over 60 years old.
3. Wearing acrylic nails.
4. Wearing occlusive shoes.
5. Trauma.

Whatever the cause, nobody wants to live with nail fungus. If it is in your fingernails, it can cause you to withdraw from life and people. Worse, it can cause people to withdraw from you. It looks dirty and unappealing. You probably never noticed how much your hands show, until you have nail fungus under your own fingernails.

If the fungus is in your toenails, it can make your feet hurt when they press against a closed-toe shoe. Of course, sandals are not an option because of the way nail fungus makes your feet look ugly. It is a vicious cycle. Trying to cover the problem up with nail polish just aggravates the condition.

Treatments for Nail Fungus.

Another problem with nail fungus… it takes a long time to know if the treatment you have decided on will really work. Most treatments take a year or so, mostly because it takes that long for a nail to grow out. By that time, when you see tell-tale signs of the fungus returning, you know your treatment either didn’t work at all or has stopped working. You still have a bad case of nail fungus and you have to start over to try to get rid of it.

I have heard of people having their nails removed or the nail bed lasered. That extreme measure is painful at best, and often not successful. After the new nail finally comes back in, the nasty signs of the disease often start to reappear.

There are expensive prescription medications that are fraught with side effects. When you have to chance a liver transplant in order to get your nails to look good again, it hardly seems worth it, even if your insurance will pay for the meds and the doctor’s visits.

Then there are home remedies like painting the nail with diluted bleach-most people can’t or won’t do that for a year, since the surrounding skin will probably become irritated. Some of these remedies might work. But at best, you will have to wait about a year to find out if they do.

Why not try the Essential Oil Remedy?

Lemongrass works. It is the hero on the white horse riding to the rescue. In weeks, even though the nail has not grown out completely, there is visual evidence of change. The nail will start to look more natural and will actually start to grow properly again. But remember that in order to get results, it is imperative to use therapeutic grade essential oils that are made for healing-not for perfume or as a food additive.