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Our Perspective On the Matte Nail Polish Trend and How You Should Wear It

Our Perspective On the Matte Nail Polish Trend and How You Should Wear It

Shiny nails that are well maintained are probably the benchmark for a nice manicure. Regardless, we need to step out of crème formulas and glossy color changing nail polish to embrace something edgier and darker.

Matte nail polish is on the opposite side of the shimmers and shines we are so used to seeing. Just as the name implies, this polish has no shine to it whatsoever. Ever since Alexander Wang set the trend in motion back in 201, matte nails have been fashionable and very much in style. You can find it on runways, celebrities and many options are available for the masses as well.

You might find runway trends are very hard and complicated to duplicate but this matte trend is as easy as they come. If you want to have matte nails, it is quite straightforward and easy. This trend is so doable it is unbelievable.

How to get your nails matte

If you want a matte look, you have two different options to achieve this:

– Matte polish: a good matte polish will not leave any shine behind. After application, they tend to dry quickly and should dry totally matte. There are different reviews for different brands out there, but many matte polishes with high quality are available in numerous shades.

– Matte top coat: another friendly alternative is a top coat that can be applied on just any other polish. From crème to glitter, metallic and color changing nail polish finishes, this matte top coat will simple kill the shine and convert your regular nail polish to a matte polish. Some of these top coats could influence the color of your base polish but there are excellent brands for as low as $4 that can give you perfect mate without changing colors.

Applying matte top coat

The method is different from applying any regular top coat because more care as to be taken. A shinny coat does a lot to hide mistakes but matte will do just the opposite. Any issues with your nails like streaks and unevenness will only be magnified. You have no chirp protection with matte coats and some of them can take extra long to dry.

Even with all its flaws, matte coat is pretty cool and an economical option as opposed to matte nail polish. You only need one bottle of it and you can pair it with several polish options but you have to get different bottles of matte polish. For the cold months, the matte polish style is perfect. The trend is very chic and here are some fun ideas you can incorporate using matte top coat.

– Konad over matte: konad nail stamping can be combined with a matte coat to produce excellent designs. Apply 1 to 2 coats of your favorite polish, apply the matte top coat over it then stamp konad over it.

– Glossy tips on matte: this one is very easy and looks equally elegant. Apply your polish of choice, put a strip of tape on the tips of your nails then paint over the entire nail with matte top coat. The finished product will be a matte nail with glossy tips.

– Matte over glitter: this makes glitter look quite unique. Applying matte top coat over your glitter polish is a good look for the holidays.