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Poems of Kashmiri Poet Bashir Athar

Poems of Kashmiri Poet Bashir Athar

“A very good translator should to be a great author”

To translate from just one language into a different has in no way been an effortless endeavour.It is an exercise equally painstaking and cumbersome and only these who have engaged on their own with translation can know the elaborate character of this Art.I have been affiliated with translation do the job for over three many years translating from English,extra particularly from Kashmiri,into Hindi and back.My translations have been widely appreciated and acknowledged and some have acquired me awards/prizes and commendations. Moreover,translating,I generate quick-stories and plays also.

Way back again in 1997, I was on an formal take a look at to Kashmir where by I fulfilled Kashmiri poet Bashir Athar in his business-Srinagar Television Centre.It was my satisfaction to obtain his most up-to-date poetry collection ‘Kani Shahar'(Stoney Metropolis) to go through.The a lot more I browse it, the far more I was impressed and felt that the poems deserved to be translated and produced obtainable for examining to more audience. The theme of the poems was well timed and the style outstanding. Imagery wonderful and the language so impressive. I picked some poems (those people which impressed me the most) and translated them into Hindi for Samkaleen Bhartiya Sahitya(Up to date Indian Literature–A Hindi magazine printed by Sahitya Akedmi,New Delhi,India)Athar gained whole lot of interest for the concept he experienced decided on. At some point, I believed of introducing this impressive poet to a better number of appreciatve readers and my decision fell on English language.I took upon the stupendous activity of translating the poems into English getting care of the flavour,enchantment and suggestion of the initial textual content.I labored tricky and revised/typed the internet pages quite a few moments before they could attain the current form.I really don’t claim to be very well versed in English language.Truly so, since it is not my language,not my mom tongue much too.Just my second/third language-adequate to converse or convey myself when wanted.

I am certain that the visitors/viewers would appreciate the poems and arrive out with their reactions.

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Unclaimed Body

An unclaimed body

Abandoned mercilessly

In a bleak alley of

This dark-drab metropolis.

Battered and shattered

Wrapped in utter helplessness

Aloof, uncared for

Besmeared with blood

Eyes open and organization

Complaining innocently

An unclaimed overall body deserted mercilessly.

Oh God! could anybody

Occur ahead and enable me out?

But that was not to be

Numbness grew further and fatal

Akin to the disasters of

Hiroshama and Nagasaki.

Dogs sat all over lethargically

Satiated with human flesh and booty

With eyes 50 {7a91aedbb34ebc851819fd6521dffcfe6a47a2ef283d742fb64b681c8e26aeda}-closed, heads down

Weeping, probably, on ‘his’

Approaching demise, mournfully

An unclaimed physique abandoned mercilessly.

Mehndi (Henna)on his palms

Had not light completely

Hair of his beard had not

Sprouted entirely.

Bubbling with youth

A blossom of promise soaring superior.

Sister will have to have looked all around

Mother ought to have waited at the doorway

Outdated father must have gazed about anxiously

An unclaimed human body deserted mercilessly.

A couple days later

Quoted a Urdu Newspaper

‘We killed him, he was an informer

An adversary of the Motion, a deceiver’

A reader reacted instantly:

‘Yes, he was a militant

Foe of the nation, enemy agent–‘

Nevertheless a different murmured silently:

‘Neither a militant nor an agent

A loved/misguided son of the valley

A Kashmiri youth

Accomplished to demise brutally

An unclaimed body deserted mercilessly.

Translator’s be aware:

(One particular of Athar’s very best poems, ‘Unclaimed Body’ pretty passionately underlines the curse of terrorism, its outcomes and repercussions. The poem stands out the two in variety and information and touches the extremely soul of the reader. The images made by the poet are excellent and converse of poet’s realistic strategy to highlight the destiny of the youth in terror-infested valley of Kashmir.)

Damaged Plate

Both of us ate

Rice and curd jointly

Off the same plate, and

Continue to you preserved your personal entity

I my possess.

But inevitably

The plate broke aside

Spilling rice and curd on the ground.

And then

You proven your own home

I my very own.

We bought new plates

And as a result

Divided grew to become rice and curd.

But alas!

We did not treatment to see

Although ingesting from the broken plate

That beneath was

A snakeling silently thriving

On seeping milky juice

That grew into a large python.


Devoured both of us mercilessly.

Translator’s observe:

(The poem is representative of the poet’s observation with regard to the gradual and silent emergence of separatism, terrorism and extremism in the valley.Snakeling symbolizes a concealed enemy bent on creating mistrust and condition among Hindus/Pandits and Muslims in the valley,who or else,had led a dignified and peaceful everyday living backed by mutual belief,love and affection in the previous.The unnoticed enemy, in the method,created havoc and both equally the communities experienced to spend a price tag for that.)

Hold on Dividing

You divided the sky

Divided the Universe way too

God much too you divided,and

Divided the countries all in excess of.

You divided the shade of trees

Divided their greenness and freshness

Our traditions prosperous you acquired divided

Bonds at any time thick you divided

You divided h2o,air much too

Divided our wealthy previous

Current far too you brutally divided

You divided guy, his humanness

Divided his soul, his psyche as well

You divided the love

Of our mothersbrothers’ and sisters’ passion also

Keep on dividing my mate!

Till you are fatigued.

But tell me

How will you divide my

Motherland,my homeland?

The place you reside,I live and

Our ancestors lived!

Translator’s be aware:

(The poem aims at exposing the nefarious and harmful motives of antisocial aspects together with extremists bent upon dividing the homogenous/secular character of Kashmiri society.The previous four lines of the poem highlight the deep really like the poet has for his culture and homeland.He is hopeful that no one particular can divide his motherland.)

The place Will I go?

You assumed:

Your exodus

Would make me happy,and

I would

Turn out to be wealthier

By grabbing your share.

Seize your soil

In my closed fist,

Damage your past

Develop a aspiration-house

On your memories, and

Imprint my mark on your


Of course,I did it all-

But in the process

My individual self,my very own id perished

Like footsteps on sand.

You assumed:

I gulped down your existence

But in the process

Exactly where did my ownself go?

You will not truly know!

I tried out my finest to put my seal on

Your every little thing,

Again in the procedure

Under no circumstances assumed of graveyards

Expanding so promptly,and

Nonetheless falling shorter.

You will obtain fire

For your pyre any place-

But wherever will I go?

What will be the destiny of my grave

My pal!

This is the get worried

Paining me frequently.

Translator’s observe:

(The poem hints at the mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits/Hindus in the wake of developing militancy in the valley.The poet remembers his aged and fond associations with this group and needs to share the agony/grief and sorrow of Pandits alongwith his possess unpleasant times ensuing from growing militancy in the valley.The poet is worried to find that graveyards are growing and space is shortening working day by day in the valley owing to killings by terrorists,killings by para military forces and killings ensuing from cross-border terrorism.These who still left the valley may possibly discover their abode last but not least but what about people who are destined to dwell on in the valley?.)