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Star Of David – Significance Of Sign

Star Of David – Significance Of Sign

‘Star of David’ is one of the most universally recognized religious symbols. The star being made of two inverted triangles, each laid over the other is often associated with King of David. Some people believe that the star is inspired by the shield of King of David whereas another group claims that the symbol represents the emblem on the sword. However, no historical evidences have been found till date to support this claim. In fact, most evidences suggest that this symbol was used by King Solomon after he started worshiping the occult and pagan god.

The Second Mile, a Masonic book reveals that ‘Star of David’ is a powerful ancient symbol. It has wider use in witchcraft, occultism, magic, studies of zodiacal horoscope. According to the Jewish people, the symbol has in-depth mystical significance. Different groups of people have different beliefs regarding the significance of this symbol. For example, the sorcerers believe the symbol represents footprints of a special type of demon. The six-pointed symbol is used in occasions to invite the demon and drive it away too. The alchemists and magicians use the symbol as a ‘stand-by’.

Some scholars say that the symbol has greater implication as it represents Fire and Water triangles, each of which is a six pointed star. The symbol made of two intertwined triangles is known by different names like Crest of Solomon, Shield of David, Star of Microcosm etc. It is even referred to as ‘Talisman of Saturn’. The six pointed stars are symbolic to god’s rule in all directions.

The star in upward direction symbolizes our reverence to god and the downward star signifies god’s blessing pouring over all of his followers in the world. There are other theories regarding the significance of triangle directions. Upward triangle is considered to represent a male whereas the downward triangle symbolizes a female. The intertwining between them symbolizes a union of active and passive forces. Some believe that this interlacing represents Jewish brotherhood whereas according to another group, interlocking also represents bond between God and the Jewish people.

Star is a revered symbol for the Christians and Muslims, apart from the Jewish community and was also worshiped by the ancient Hindus and represents three gods into one. Apart from being used as a religious symbol by the Jewish and an emblem on the flag of Israel, Star of David also makes a fashion statement when placed on jewels.