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Taurus Goddess Message to You

Taurus Goddess Message to You

April 21 to May 21

Here’s some ways you would feel if you are responding to the energies that I’m transmitting to you. You would be feeling more grounded, down to Earth. You would be feeling, “Wait a minute, I need to slow down, I’m running off into too many directions. It’s time I assess what’s really important to me in this chapter of my life and that’s where I’ll put my time and energy.”


You do want to put yourself into the equation, especially your physical body and each of your physical possessions. Do you need to do some renovations on your body, your car, your home? If you’re feeling the need to restore or make improvements in these areas, you’re probably responding to my emissions.

What’s Comfortable to You?

First, any upgrading you do needs to feel comfortable to you. It’s not about pleasing other people but choosing what makes you feel at ease, calm and contented.

Comfy Type of Beauty

As your Taurus Goddess, I am radiating beauty to you, but it’s not a glamorous type of loveliness; it’s a more natural “comfy” type of attractiveness. You’ll feel more secure within yourself as you highlight your own good points, not imitating someone else in looks or in actions. Besides, other people will feel safe around you as you stress and bring to light your best parts.

Car Extension of Your Body

Look over all your possessions, not just your body. Does your car need detailing? Any dents fixed? Paint touch up? Think of your car as an extension of your body, you want to give it your attention as well.

Fixer Upper Energy

I’m not encouraging you to go out and buy new things that cost a lot of money. My energies are more about recycling, fixing up, repairing, restoring and making whole again. I’m promoting you to find the best deals, good quality but at affordable prices.

Relationships with Everything You Own

I’m also advancing the concept of your having a really good relationship with everything you own. Possessions have consciousness and the better relationship you have with everything in your domain, the more they will work for you and longer. An important question to ponder before you buy anything is, “Do I like this enough to take good care of it?”

Taurus Anchors Energy into Earth

While Aries anchors its energy into fire and the deserts, and Pisces sends her energies to the water, I fasten my energies into the Earth itself. Gardeners, chefs, environmentalists, farmers, mineralogists, geologists naturally respond to my energies. Once you take care of your body and all your possessions, you will naturally begin to take care of your planet if you haven’t already begun.

Looking after Mother Earth

Those of you with a Moon in Taurus will spontaneously be drawn to having the best relationship with Mother Earth, doing your part in taking care of her as she takes care of you. You’d be most happy in vocations and earning your livelihood where you could extend your caring for Mother Earth.