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Techniques You Can Try Out For Gel Nail Art Polish

Techniques You Can Try Out For Gel Nail Art Polish

It’s easy to pace ahead with a nail art if you use your skills and think creatively. But, if you are new, then you should scroll ahead to know some tricks you can implement easily.

Paint tow base coat layers

To prevent tips from chipping, you should first paint the topmost half portion only. Later, once the nails have dried, move on with the second coat. At this point of time, ensure that you cover the entire nail. This technique would help the polish to adhere to the surface and aid you achieve a long-lasting effect.

Use white nail polish

Unless and until the gel nail polish is opaque in nature, a natural tint may change the color shade. So, to make the nails look attractive, you can first use white polish and then proceed with the colored polish.

Paint by using plastic bag

No matter how you wish to go about the design, if the task is tough, then painting the nails with pieces of a plastic bag should be the first step. After you have cut out the material, paint it with a few thick coats and then add a unique design. Soon after the art dries up, peel the design off and paste it on the nail with glue.

Use paper hole stickers

If you wish to flaunt with a half-moon manicure, then place paper hole stickers and seal them with a bobby pin. Adorn the portion with the coat and then remove the sticker carefully. Follow the tip for nails one after the other. Depending on the preference, you can always adjust the position of the reinforcement sticker.

Add dual-tones with a tape

After you have chosen different polishes, you should paint the nails with a lighter shade and then seal it with a topcoat. After the portion is dried, hide the tips with two strips of tape placed in the desired fashion. Then, apply the dark-colored polish all across the nail and just above the tape. Once a minute has elapsed, you should peel off the tapes gently for the perfect look.

Use an eyeliner for Rhinestones

In case you decide to place Rhinestones on the surface, then an eyeliner can turn out to be useful. The task would be much simpler because you no longer have to grab tiny jewels with tweezers or your fingers. The end of the pencil is far more capable to lift the jewel and place it on the nails. The tool would not spoil the nail art design.

Loop a rubber band for French manicure

As you manicure your fingernails, you should create a loop with a rubber band by stretching it with your thumb and index finger. Just ensure that you have left some space for the French tip you always desired. With the band as the guide, you can conveniently paint the tips.

Mix pigments for a unique shade

Catch hold of a spoon and pour some eye shadow pigment. Later, you should add clear polish and blend it with the help of a cotton swab. After mixing the solutions thoroughly, you can try the new color with different nail art brushes.

Dry nails by soaking them in cold water

Once you have created the design, grab a bowl and fill with water and a few ice cubes. Soak the nails in the liquid and wait for a few minutes till the paint sets in. As the main purpose is served, your fingernails would dry as fast as possible.

Spray non-stick cooking agent for results

Once you’re ready with the nail art, it’s advisable to spray non-stick cooking agent. You must hold the spray a few inches away from your hand and press the nozzle gently. Just before you wrap up, let the agent dry for some time and make sure you have washed the residue off your hands.