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The Critical Oil of Calamus – A Much Maligned Biblical Oil

The Critical Oil of Calamus – A Much Maligned Biblical Oil

Calamus (Acorus calamus) is stated three moments in the Bible Exodus 30:23, Ezekiel 27:19 and

“Your channel is an orchard of pomegranates with all choicest fruits, henna with nard, nard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon, with all trees of frankincense, myrrh and aloes, with all main spices-a yard fountain, a effectively of living drinking water, and flowing streams from Lebanon.” Song of Solomon 4:13-15.

Calamus was also referred to as “aromatic cane” in the NRSV. It was one of the four oils in the “holy” blend provided to Moses to be employed to anoint the people, the altar, the vessels and the tabernacle. There is some question regardless of whether the botanical plant we simply call calamus currently is basically the identical plant available to Moses. It is a reed plant that grows in marshy places. From that description, Moses may have experienced entry to this oil.

The historic environment utilized calamus as a holy anointing oil and in perfumes and incense. The therapeutic properties are largely thanks to the aromatic oil contained principally in the root. It was esteemed as an aromatic stimulant and tonic for fever, anxious problems, vertigo, headaches, dysentery, and many others.

Today calamus is regarded as an antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and it soothes irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. It is practical for asthmatic bronchitis, kidney congestion following liquor intoxication, cystitis, gout and lower blood tension. Calamus is however present in the British Natural Pharmacopoeia. It is deemed spiritually uplifting as aspect of a holy anointing oil.

This oil can be utilized topically above the abdomen for its relaxing impact on the GI tract. It can be applied to the temples, brow and throat for spiritual relationship and clarity of imagined. Calamus can also be utilized as in incense. This oil is uncommon and hard to locate and normally not employed besides in blends.

As for protection, there are a great deal greater oils than calamus and consequently this oil is not advisable for common use. You will discover it on most British lists of oils in no way to be used and however there is insufficient rationale for this oil to be so detailed. It is a tough oil to obtain and a person have to be watchful that the oil you have is truly calamus and is really the same as the historic oil named in the Bible.

To learn extra about calamus and other Biblical important oils you could possibly want to look at turning out to be a qualified aromatherapist. Academic programs in therapeutic energy and aromatherapy can assistance you fully grasp how critical oils mend the human body/thoughts/spirit.