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Timber and Its Use in Professional Truck Design

Timber and Its Use in Professional Truck Design

Numerous kinds of timber are applied in commercial truck bodywork currently, and it is used in a range of distinctive varieties ranging from sections for framing, chipboard for partitions, to faced plywood for attractive panels. Created timber panels are also utilized in conjunction with other components this sort of as aluminum and plastics to create panels for particular functions which include heat and audio insulation and to strengthen resistance to general put on and the temperature.

Some timbers are additional ideal for automobile bodywork than others mainly because of their superior power, resistance to put on, decay and fireplace, or visual appeal.

Despite the fact that timber is utilized in lots of forms, it is all attained from both tender wooden trees or temperate or tropical hardwoods.


There are a large range of softwood trees, which contain lots of versions of pine, fur, and spruce which make up about 90 for every cent of all timbers utilised generally in the U.S.A and Europe. These trees are typically identified in the northern hemisphere most of them are cone bearing and evergreen, but there are some exceptions. In simple fact some kinds of softwoods are tougher than hardwoods.

There is a good offer of softwoods and since significantly less time is necessary to experienced and they are a lot easier to work they are normally less expensive than hardwoods. Softwoods are utilizes for the sides and floors of mineral carrying cars, considering that it is much less expensive and less difficult to replace. It is also employed for manufactured panels for other business car or truck bodies.


These are attained from wide leaf trees, and there are above 2000 types together with this sort of nicely acknowledged sorts as oak, ash, teak and mahogany. All basal wooden, which is much softer than softwoods, is in truth a hardwood, since it is the structure that decides the team not the texture.

Simply because the hardwoods take a great deal for a longer period to mature, are more tricky to get and get the job done, and acquire a lot extended to year they are considerably extra expensive. Even so, they are typically significantly more powerful, much more tough and have considerably additional utilizes than softwoods.

Hardwoods are divided into two teams:-

1. Tropical. These are from trees located in Central Africa, India and South The united states and incorporate the many unique types of teak, mahogany and ebony.

2. Temperate. The varieties identified in this team are oak, walnut, and ash are some of the temperate hardwoods located in U.S.A, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Hardwoods are made use of for framing and in some sorts of veneer on panels for inside finishing. Also hardwoods these as ash are really appropriate for curved framing users.

Created Panels.

Plywood, block-board, chipboard, MDF and hardboard panels are usually made use of alternatively of stable timber panels, and have many rewards. They can be acquired in more substantial sizes, are generally stronger and are more secure, which implies labor expenses can be decreased when as opposed with other strategies of masking large spots with equivalent tongue and groove jointed timber.


Plywood is designed by gluing layers of veneer alongside one another at correct angles to each other. This prevents splitting and greatly raises the power of the panel. Curved users can also be generated by laying the veneers on a suited mould or form ahead of gluing.

Birch, ash, pine and fir are applied in the manufacture of plywood but several other varieties are employed for the encounter side of attractive panels. Plywood is obtainable in several thicknesses and measurements from which auto entire body flooring can be designed in 1 piece.

Block board.

There are a number of created boards creating use of strong timber core stock. One particular of these is block board and this is composed of softwood glued with each other and faced with veneers of timber this kind of as birch and mahogany. Huge panels up to about 2 inches in thickness are developed and made use of in flooring and partitions.


Chipboard is manufactured from graded wooden chips which are bonded collectively beneath pressure with synthetic resins and adhesives to kind large sturdy panels .5 inch to 1 inch thick. These can be faced with numerous diverse resources to give painted, plastic or veneered surfaces. It has changed reliable timber for many needs and due to the fact of the dimensions created it is a useful automobile constructing substance.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF).

MDF is made by bonding wooden fibers alongside one another using glue, heat and stress. It is a incredibly adaptable substance, but can only be used for interior bodywork. It will have to be sealed / painted as it step by step emits urea formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen and eye, throat and lung irritant. Good protection treatments ought to often be made use of when doing the job with this content in any way.


This is yet another beneficial substance which, because of its smaller thicknesses is really acceptable for interior paneling. It is designed from compressed timber fibers and ordinarily has a easy aspect with the reverse side getting a tough or mesh end.

Identification of timbers.

Due to the fact lots of types of timber are used in car physique perform, it is attainable to detect the a lot more widespread types this sort of as oak and teak. Most styles have unique attributes and properties, and when samples are cautiously examined it is generally attainable to determine a individual style. The pursuing functions should really be viewed as:-

1. The normal look.

  • i) Coloration – red, brown, yellow, white.
  • ii) Grain – close or open up, straight or twisted.
  • iii) Texture – really hard or gentle, rough or clean.
  • iv) Figure – form of grain

2. Bodyweight.

Weighing a sample is not a reliable examination considering the fact that the pounds will rely on the dampness material and even the weights of samples may range.

3. Use a hand lens.

Examination of the surface and close grain may well expose exclusive functions.

4. Use a microscope.

The use of a microscope will enable a a great deal nearer assessment of a skinny area.

5. Dissolving a sample.

This will allow for a microscopic assessment of the shape and measurement of cells and fibers.

It really should be remembered that options and shade may possibly be afflicted by the origin, rate of growth, and cure given that felling and quite a few other elements.

Timber Defects.

One of the main negatives with timber is that problems may be present or could create later. Some of these can be dealt with satisfactorily but other folks may possibly involve the ingredient to be replaced. Some flaws can be averted entirely by mindful felling, conversion and seasoning, but a knowledge of the flaws will help you to make the ideal doable use of the timber that may be fairly inferior.


These are not usually a significant defect considering that in quite a few cases timber is lined with paint, panels or other disguises and in timbers these kinds of as knotty pine they are dealt with so as to enhance the physical appearance. On the other hand knots should really not be existing in framing timbers, some attractive panels or other cases in which power or visual appearance might be affected. Knots are just about constantly present and timber is usually graded by the distribution and selection of knots existing. Some timbers have much more than others, so watchful variety is commonly worthwhile.

Splits and shakes.

Shakes surface in many forms and are not always evident till the tree is felled and sawn into logs. Heart and cup shakes may not present much of a dilemma but other forms these types of as the ring and star shakes can end result in useful timber remaining unusable. In the course of the drying out or seasoning the dampness leaves the timber more quickly from the ends than the sides. If this is much too speedy other splits may manifest.


Many types of timber are afflicted by several insects, and chemical treatment might be productive. The alternative is to clear away and burn the contaminated section and match a new piece.

Dry rot.

Timber, which is stored in problems which are moist or absence ventilation will drop its power and become tender and spongy. If this takes place timbers ought to be ruined.


This is a frequent defect and is caused by uneven shrinkage all through seasoning. Softwoods are a lot more susceptible to this, since softwoods comprise additional dampness than hardwoods. Warping can be lessened by sawing the logs radially as a substitute of tangently. If you study the stop grain of planks it is possible to choose which way they have been slice from the log.

Will cause of timber problems.

  • i) Storm destruction.
  • ii) Uncovered rising conditions.
  • iii) Inexperienced felling.
  • iv) Incorrect conversion.
  • v) Weak seasoning.
  • vi) Bad storage disorders.
  • vii) Careless variety and use.

Seasoning timbers.

Residing trees may well have a humidity content material of concerning 50{7a91aedbb34ebc851819fd6521dffcfe6a47a2ef283d742fb64b681c8e26aeda} and 100{7a91aedbb34ebc851819fd6521dffcfe6a47a2ef283d742fb64b681c8e26aeda} and because this is way too superior the trees, when felled have to be seasoned or dried right until the humidity articles is minimized. Timber for car or truck body operate must have a dampness information of 12 {7a91aedbb34ebc851819fd6521dffcfe6a47a2ef283d742fb64b681c8e26aeda}- 15{7a91aedbb34ebc851819fd6521dffcfe6a47a2ef283d742fb64b681c8e26aeda}. If the dampness material is far too high the timber will dry out additional and shrink immediately after use. If it is also small the timber will absorb humidity from the ambiance and possibly swell. To discover the dampness written content a sample of timber is weighed in its regular condition and then weighed once again right after it has been meticulously dried out. The dampness articles is then calculated as follows:-

The dampness Information of the timber (M.C. {7a91aedbb34ebc851819fd6521dffcfe6a47a2ef283d742fb64b681c8e26aeda}) is calculated by getting the wet excess weight, subtracting the dry weight, and dividing the answer by the dry fat and multiplying by 1 hundred.

The system of drying out a piece of timber to get hold of its humidity written content is unwanted in exercise, since electrical devices are utilized to give quick readings There are a range of motives why timber ought to be adequately addressed (seasoned):-

  • I) It is much more robust than unseasoned timber.
  • II) There is a lot less chance of decay and attack by bugs.
  • III) Painting, staining and other ending processes can be carried out productively on seasoned timber.

We need to don’t forget that the cells in a piece of timber are like wood buckets. Huge quantities of drinking water in the cavities and the walls, so it is essential for timber to be properly seasoned. Immediately after the trees have been felled, the logs are taken to the saw mill the place they are converted or sawn into planks or other sections. Considering the fact that this exposes a bigger floor location to the ambiance seasoning time is minimized. The technique utilised to saw or convert the logs will also have an impact on the shrinkage, warping or other timber problems discussed formerly.

Air Drying.

The sawn timber is piled in stacks with sticks or picket strips separating each individual layer. This lets the air to flow into freely all around every single piece. The prime of the stack must be protected from the sunshine and the rain, and because dampness will dry out much more quickly from the ends of the planks, these are occasionally secured to avert close splits. The air drying method is low cost and normally prospects to greater high-quality timber, but it is a slow process, having up to many a long time. The timber is liable to staining and insect attack and the humidity material is extremely almost never fewer than the bordering space.

Kiln Drying.

This is a a great deal a lot quicker approach, which final results in timber with a additional carefully controlled moisture content material. The timber is placed on trolleys and place in a kiln where by the temperature and humidity are controlled. Air circulation may well be by organic draft or forced by electric fans. Artificially seasoned timbers may well be far more brittle and other defects may perhaps occur, but the lessened time demanded is big benefit. Some timbers are air dried for a interval before becoming kiln dried.

Timber Storage.

Seasoning timber processes could just take several yrs and the timber may perhaps be saved for a even more interval before it is made use of. In order to preserve it in superior problem particular safeguards need to be noticed:-

  • i) To stop staining the timber really should be safeguarded from chemical compounds and other foreign matter, e.g. soot.
  • ii) Abnormal rain and heat should really be averted and if stored indoors sufficient air flow should be furnished.
  • iii) It need to be stacked in a proper fashion to avoid boards turning out to be twisted or warped. The supporting blocks ought to be right beneath every other or else the timber will start to bend.

Wood preservatives appropriate for use prior to painting.

This sort of preservative is ordinarily of a very low viscosity and can commonly be applied prior to the software of coach or ornamental enamels and their painting procedure. It can be applied by brush, spray or dipping and is commonly authorized overnight to dry before software of the over talked about paint methods. This promotes great adhesion and can help to lower the problems of timber sickness and rot.

Right before applying this kind of product or service it is important to make positive that it does not comprise any waxes or silicone additives.

Priming of timbers.

Ahead of the priming of any timber it is critical to check out that the timber is thoroughly clean, dry and totally free from any oil residues. The timber really should be comprehensively flatted with a appropriate quality of glass paper and degreased with a ‘lint-free’ cloth which has been dampened with white spirits or a ideal solvent.

Priming must then be carried out utilizing a ideal primer. It is vital when priming that all locations are sufficiently primed. This contains timber ends and tongue and grooves, where by spots are to be lined with metallic fitments or system sections. The reason for this is to prevent the ingress of moisture which would end result in paint flaking.

Timbers containing knots need to be handled in the pursuing way, prior to priming:-

I) The knots ought to be burnt with a blowtorch to extract surplus resin.

II) The timber really should be totally rubbed down and degreased as higher than.

III) Just about every knot need to be treated with a single or two coats of shellac, and permitted sufficient time to dry.

IV) Prime the timber as over.

Wooden finishes.

These are non-pigmented finishes. Amid those available are wax polishes, sealer coats, extended and brief oil varnishes, alkyd varnishes, yacht varnishes, single pack polyurethanes and teak oil. All these are suited for brush software. For spray application only, use the adhering to – cellulose lacquers, two pack polyurethanes, two pack catalyzed lacquers and solitary and two pack epoxies. The requirements of a wooden complete are:-

  • i) Coloration flexibility.
  • ii) Build.
  • iii) Daily life expectancies.
  • iv) Acid or alkali resistance.

Sealers and wax polishes.

Sealers – These are cellulose dependent.

Waxes – These are petroleum based mostly. One instance is chilled wax which is fairly rapid drying, offers tiny discoloration to the wooden, and produces a excellent normal end.

Waxes – Silicone dependent. These waxes are very fast drying and make a really hard watertight complete. The wood requirements to be sealed before use, and it tends to give it a cloudy physical appearance.

Waxes – Beeswax. This is a pure item from honeycomb which has been rendered down with white spirits. It can be applied by brush or rag and generates a very good complete that can be re-polished.

Extensive oil varnishes.

These contain extra oil than resin in its formulation. The resin applied is typically an alkyd or fossil resin. Extended oil varnishes are flexible, due to the sum of oil and have superior toughness, making it perfect for exterior use. It also has a relatively crystal clear complete. Polyurethanes are utilized for wooden which is still left in uncovered disorders, but tends to be fairly comfortable for interior use. The lifetime expectancy is two to two and a half decades, and a 4 coat system is advisable, i.e. apply a person extremely thin (diluted) coat adopted by a few total coats.

Quick oil Varnishes.

These varnishes are quick drying but are inclined to be instead brittle. They dry to a difficult complete and are additional acceptable for inside use, as they do not have the flexibility for exterior use.

Alkyd varnishes.

These are crystal clear brief drying varnishes which are acceptable for indoor and out of doors use. They are popular as a varnish for motor vehicle bodies, and are also applied as a 4-coat system.

Teak oil.

This oil is uncomplicated to implement, but liberal coatings are essential to restore the organic colour of the timber.

French sprucing.

This is primarily based on shellac and methylated spirits. It is quick drying and causes the timber to darken. It is utilized working with a pad, designed of a packed piece of wool or gauze, covered by a piece of cotton fabric. It is nonetheless, brittle and very easily ruined by drinking water and white spirits. It is mainly utilised in antique home furniture.

Nitrocellulose lacquers.

These lacquers appear in two styles, the pre-catalyzed and the nitro-urethanes. These comprise amino and polyurethane resins respectively.


There is no question of the strengths of working with timber in industrial truck bodywork these days. Certainly other products have and will arrive together to check out and switch it, but for its versatility and availability it is even now unrivalled and will be for a long time to come.

Knowing your timbers and how to search following them will ensure the greatest daily life expectancy from your truck or industrial car.