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Top Five Tips for Better Custom Tattoo Design Results

Top Five Tips for Better Custom Tattoo Design Results

When it comes to tattoos, custom tattoo designs are the latest trend. Although there is no limit to the number and variety of designs that are available for people to choose from, tattoo enthusiasts prefer to get a unique design to suit their personal preferences. Considering the fact that tattoos last for a lifetime, people want to make sure that the design is perfect in every sense of the world.

The article below offers 5 topmost tips for coming up with a better custom tattoo design:

1. Decide on the perfect design: Spend some time in looking for various designs from different sources like online galleries and local tattoo studios. Discuss you ideas and your personality with an experienced tattoo artist to get an outline of that perfect design. Inquire about the colored inks that can enhance the look and share the color scheme that you have in mind for your tattoo.

A nice design looks best when inked on the right part of the body. So before you start looking for a design, decide on the size and location so that the intricacy and details are appropriate to the place where it is going to be inked. Select a design that matches your personality and reflects your thoughts, emotions, your affinity and your lifestyle.

2. Hygiene and safety of tattoo procedures: Talk to your tattoo artist about the tattoo technique that will be used for inking. Satisfy yourself about the fact that the studio or the artist is fully experienced in sterilization procedures for the needles and that they use fresh ink and brand new needles. Visit the tattoo parlor or the artist, spend some time with them and observe the level of cleanliness, organization and hygiene followed.

As important it is for the tattoo artist to be expert in tattooing, equally important is the fact that all the safety measures are followed throughout the procedure to avoid risks of infection, allergies and diseases from contaminated needles or inks.

3. Know the process of tattooing well: If it is going to be your first tattoo ever, acquaint yourself with the process first. Speak with the artist and know everything about the procedure or of possible, sit through the process when someone is being tattooed to have a firsthand experience of what all it takes in terms of time, effort and physical discomfort.

4. Tattoo after-care and healing: Understand what is required to take care of the tattoo after it is completed to ensure that it remains clean and does not get infected. An important thing that many people don’t realize is that the tattoo must completely heal which may take from a week to a month’s time. Avoid exposing your tattoo to direct sunlight initially. It is recommended to wash it about five times a day with a gentle soap and water. During this time, it should also be kept moist with special antibiotic creams that the tattoo artists can recommend to use over the tattoo and the surrounding area.

5. Select a skilled and an experienced artist: The tattoo artist should be experienced enough to make out your personality from your tattoo idea. His skill should reflect not only in his art of work but also his ability to convince you to make changes in the design that you have in mind, be it the size, colors, intricacy or style. A good artist assumes the responsibility to deliver a perfect tattoo along with client satisfaction in terms of cleanliness, procedure, after-care tips and adequate time and effort spent in making the experience a lot of fun and adventure for the tattoo enthusiast.

If you keep in mind these basic things before getting tattooed, you will most probably be looking forward to getting another one done…very soon.