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Worry, Hurry And Curry

Worry, Hurry And Curry

Do you know the reason for depression and trouble asked Sri Satya Sai Baba one day. The devotee remained silent. Swamy said- Worry, Hurry and Curry. These three words, worry, hurry and curry are the real causes of almost all troubles.

Worry is the deathbed of a man. ‘Chintha jeevan ki chitha hai’- is a saying in Hindi which points out the bad effects of worry. What this saying means that is worry is the burning pyre of life. It is true because worry eliminates all happiness in a man’s life. It induces him to forget all happy thoughts and concentrate on a particular problem so that the health of the person deteriorates by losing peace of mind and body.

When tension arises, the blood pressure of a person goes up and he may even become disoriented in the worst case. Such a situation can and must be avoided by surrendering oneself totally to God. The only friend in need is God, because he will not forsake a person who has sought his help. What God gives always lasts. What man gives perishes soon.

God’s grace is the greatest gift that man must cherish and strive to get. When a man becomes fit to receive God’s grace, he will naturally become filled with everlasting joy and peace and attains self realization. Hurry is another cause for depression. Slow and steady wins the race. A person should always be prepared and systematic in his life.

Discipline not only gives an edge over others, but also always ensures success. A man who is hard working will never have to hurry at the last moment. Be it travel preparations or the journey of one’s life, man should never procrastinate and should prepare beforehand to avoid last minute confusion and tension.

Hurry can cause many troubles in life. It can lower a person’s esteem in family and society and project him as an unworthy individual. So, one must avoid the attitude of laziness and be disciplined always to achieve success in one’s life.

Curry is an extremely spicy sometimes and can cause changes in man’s behavior also. hot dishes can influence a person’s way of thinking and make him angry or sad or depressed in extreme cases if such foods are consumed regularly. Fast foods can harm a person in the long run both physically and mentally. Changes in behavior are brought about by spicy foods and intake must be reduced to ensure good health.

Worry, hurry and curry are a shortlist of the problems that cause man headaches or tensions. A healthy life should be one filled with peace and relaxation. life is to be enjoyed. A longterm goal and hardwork will help man live a successful life.